New Blog!!!

7 Aug

Just set up another blog on WordPress to follow the next stage of my journey as an artist and designer. I will still be posting here but please check it out


Graduate show 2011

9 Jun

My final commitment to uni is our graduate show next week. We had to produce a board containing a selection of our work over the past 3 years. Here’s mine….

And Finally….

9 Jun

Here are a few snippets from my final outcomes. A book full of illustrations showing different rules and,using the concept of breaking typography rules, showing what could go wrong if rules were broken.


All images subject to copyright

That’s it!

9 Jun

Well it’s been a three-year rollercoaster of a journey throughout Uni but it’s come to an end. Final major project completed, handed in and assessed! Was such a great feeling when I passed the final hurdle, what I believed was a huge achievement! I would like to take this opportunity to say a big well done to everyone on my course for crossing the finish line with me. In a way it’s also a sad time as I will miss the Uni experience, my colleges and the work pressures! Anyway onwards and upwards!

Quick Update

6 May

Been a bit mad lately with work and things so apologies for the lack of posts! Not long left to go now and then hopefully i will be a Graphic Design graduate (fingers crossed!)

I’m still working on the ‘breaking the rules’ concept for my major project. It’s going ok so far. I’ve been doing simple illustrations for each rule. There will be 5 categories of rules (road, science, health and safety, instruction manuals and sport) and 5 rules per category. So in total there will be 25 rules with a double page spread for each containing an illustration and type.  The type for each will represent what could go wrong if that rule was broken. That itself will be breaking the rules of typography. All of this will be put into a 7 x 7 inch book with different colored backgrounds for each category.

will post some progress images soon!

Charlotte Middleton

3 Apr

I came across this fellow Graphic Design student by accident recently. After looking through her blog i’ve become a big fan of her work and find it inspiring. It’s right up my street! Check her out….

New Direction

1 Apr

As the title says, I seem to be heading in a new direction with my major project. After much research and development, my original plan with the volunteers of Newport County has gone out of the window. I found after undertaking research that I couldn’t see a practical and confident way forward and it was best for re-think.  I have decided to go back to the start and to an original idea I had. This was on the theme of breaking rules. I will be using a series of rules, from sport to science, and using the style of the pictogram with typography. The probable format will be a book, although i may be including animation and sound on an accompanying disc. I’ll keep you informed!

100th Post

28 Mar

Just realised I was one post short of my 100th so here it is!

I’m still busy working on my final major project ideas. Think I see a way through and have a settled idea. So I shall be going along with it. Hopefully it will end with a good result!

I shall update you shortly!

Info graphics video

25 Mar

There’s a website I have come across recently, dedicated to information graphics. It is called Information is Beautiful. I think it is pretty useful as i am interested in info-graphics at the moment. I found this video, on there and i find it amusing.  It takes me back to the tetris game i used to play as a child. Check it out!

Gerd Arntz

21 Mar

I was randomly having a look at the Creative Review website to see what is included in this months issue and was impressed with what i saw. One of the main features and also shown on the cover was about the artist Gerd Arntz. I haven’t come across him before now, but liked what i saw of his work. I have recently discovered a love for pictograms and silhouette style images so soon as i saw his work i was a fan. I shall be buying Creative Review tomorrow and looking into more of Arntz’s work.